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At Distributors First International, we have a no-nonsense program to help you break into the height insular promo-tional products business. Unlike industry business opportu-nities, franchises or dealer/rep systems, you never buy any-thing through us, pay us royalties, or splut your profits with us. This means 100% of all the profits are yours to keep!

Out turn-key program will give you everything you need to connect, educate, train and support your new promotional products business. We'll coach you every step of the way.

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What does DFI do for you?

The DFI program utilize the exact same technology, marketing tools, and industry advan-tages that million dollar business use in our industry. This means we help you set up all aspects of your business, from securing crucial industry memberships, to setting up your website, software installation, while providing coaching and support for your marketing efforts.

What does it cost?

DFI offers its entire revolutionary program for only $4,995. No other program in the industry comes even close to Distributors First's low investment. Our platform nis the only program in the industry that establishes you as a fully independent distributor with no middleman.

Here is what the program offers:


Full Industry Membership with PPAI & UPIC- the "non-profit" hub of the industry.

SAGE Online - The Industry's Most Powerful Research & Order Management Software which gives you direct access to over 5,000 suppliers and over 950,000 brandable products for your customers

Your Own Website & EMail with SHopping Cart and Social Media Integration - This is NOT an affiliate website! You get your own domain!

Presentation Publisher Software- to help you create professional sales presen-tations

Virtual Prototyping Software for Customizing Product Samples with your customer's logos

Access to leading Graphic Design Vendors to create great designs that your clients will love!

Access to leading National & Regional "Contract" Screen Printers and Embroi-derers to produce your apparel orders. PLUS, instructions to teach you how to work with local contract vendors for the same.This way you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive hoppy printing or embrodery equipment.

Access to Business keeping Software so you can stay completely organized in your business activites, Industry-standard invoices, sales orders & purchase orders.

Access to state-of-the-art Merchant Account processors to make credit card purchases easy for your customers. Preferred pricing for DFI clients.

Custom Logo, Business Card & Website Design Package for your business

NEW! Industry leading EQP wholesale pricing on over 60,000 products from 50+ of the industry's biggest & best suppliers so you can be competitive with the industry's biggest distributors!


The best "Getting Started" DVD Traning series in the Industry

Distributors First "Member-Only" Training Archive - Access 25/7

Sales & Prospecting Training with PPAI's 10-time New & Novice Distributor Trainer

Artwork Traning - Everything you need to know about Handling Client Artwork

Member-Only Website, Blog, preferred Supplier List and more


Personalized, One-On-One Connection to YOUR Coaching Team

Business Coaching & Support with a working Distributor

Marketing / Prospecting Coaching & Support

Technical Support - work closely with out I.T. Consultant

Email & Phone Support

Vince Whaley is a sales and marketing expert with over 40 years of experience, and for the last decade has served as Promotional Products Association International's New & Novice Distribu-tor Trainer. Since 1996 Vince has been building and maintaining his outstanding reputation for his ability to successfully introduce new distributors to the industry.

Vince has been self-employed in the field of sales and marketing for most of his career. After work-ing in the promotional products industry for several years selling promotional products, he discovered his love for the industry.

In 1996 he became the marketing director of a company that sold business opportunities in the specialty printing field.

He became disillusioned by the half-truths told by many companies including the one he worked for about how the industry worked.

In 2002 he founded Distributors First to coach, train and equip new distributors.

The kind of advice and help I was looking for is just what Vince and DFI offered. The 'inside secrets' have put me miles ahead from the get-go and was more than I expected.


Vince was the first person that was willing to share honest and useful information up front. His wisdom and advice have been immeasurable.


I have worked with Distributors First for over 8 years and have to say that adding promotional products to my store was one of the most profit-able things I've ever done for my business.


But even with ALL OF THIS SUPPORT...this is going to be hard & fun work! You aren't buying a boat. You are starting a business! Distributors First is giving you the power to create a second-income business with out tired, proven & true methodologies...but you still have to put in the effort to make it thrive. Yet, It doesn't have to be diffult or hard.

All it takes is excitement, enthusiasm, a willingness to tell your story...and a desire to help your clients brand themselves better. If you are ready for a second income sign up for the essential questions report now.